Planning to get back on our feet

Planning links;

Railway line walk   British Walks   Griffmonster    Coastal Walker

We’re back, after a hiatus of nearly two years. This is a fiddly walk, and not truly coastal due to private ownership of land, so we are taking views from experienced walkers of the area, and including a disused railway line, once used by the ‘Royal personages’ from Lynn to Sandringham.

Suitably fuelled with caffeine we scoured the maps and are now planning to tackle Old Hunstanton to Dersingham on the first day, which will be day ten, making use of the disused railway line. On day eleven the idea is to make the most of the newly qualified driver in the family and simply walk as far as we can get. This may mean Kings Lynn or perhaps a little further, but Phillips drew the line at aiming for Boston.




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