Day 9. Brancaster to Old Hunstanton.

Date : May 22nd
Walkers : Phillips, Whitts, Mrs Biddle & Mrs T
Distance : 10 miles

Weather forecast – due to hit 21c today. Mrs Biddle wasn’t allowed to remove her shirt today.

Very aware that Whitts hadn’t managed her sea swim yesterday evening nor indeed before breakfast so it was decided that a swim break was to be taken during today’s ramble. Swimsuits and towels were packed with Phillips saying “over my dead body”. Tip top breakfast although strangely fizzy fruit salad and then all set for a 9.30/10.00 departure. Just had to wait for Mrs T……….

At the risk of waxing too lyrical this was a cracking morning. Heading inland behind the village of Titchwell the lanes were thick with cow parsley and the sun was out. Marvellous. You could tell we were in twitching territory as telescopic lenses were thick on the ground behind the hedges here. Arrived in Thornham where Mrs T was escorted safely past the shops and provided us with the best comedy moment of the day. Beautiful village though.

Back out into the sea air as we followed Whitts out along the decking through the reed beds towards Holme Dunes. Hot now and she could feel the pull of the sea. Coming over the dunes onto the sand we could have been abroad, maybe not the caribbean but defo somewhere mediterranean. We are bloody lucky to live here.

Not a soul around either (apart from when attempting to change into swimsuits). Phillips regretted her rash decision (not for the first time) and borrowed some boy’s lycra pants and spare t-shirt from Mrs Biddle and joined the swimmers. It was worth the expletives. Suitably refreshed we settled down to lunch which Mrs T had brought with her. We took back every jibe on her tardiness. She had done us proud. Bento boxes and tins of Gordon’s Gin and Tonic. We LOVE her. One of the best lunches I’ve had for a long time, and in some of the best company.

From Holme it was a stroll along the sand to Old Hunstanton which we could see in the distance looking slightly Edwardian and with a few small people making the most of the sunshine. Accompanied at varying points on this stretch by seabirds which were properly flocking.

Our arrival was perfectly timed (obvs) to catch the Coasthopper Bus back to Brancaster, once we had helped Mrs Biddle off the unfeasibly high bench.

Marvellous, marvellous day. Whitts and I agreed that this had been the best days’ walking yet – perfect weather conditions, great company and seamless from start to finish. Worth waiting for then. As the Norfolk Coast Path grinds to a halt in Hunstanton I wonder if we’ll be so buoyant after the next chunk. Still, what could possibly go wrong….

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