Day Seven. Blakeney to Wells-next-the-sea or further….

Date : Monday April 25th 2016

Walkers : Phillips,Whitts, Mrs Taylor (if match fit)

Guest walkers : Mr Taylor & Bronte, T Mermagen & Mango (not the fruit), Ma & Pa Phillips for tiny last bit.

Distance : 8.4 miles

Eggs BeneIMG_7713dict, Eggs Royale and Vegetarian Cooked Breakfast. Delicious but defeated us. Thereby the conversation over breakfast went along the lines of why we had less of an appetite despite all the exercise oh and whether Mrs T should walk today. Mrs T is a game girl and with instructions to Mr Taylor to bring a walking stick and meet us at Morston we ventured forth.

All very pleased to be joined by T – especially with those dodgy hips. So what with them, Mrs T’s triband, a strange tendon thing going on for Whitts and a twinging achilles heel for me we could easily have been mistaken for some kind of self-help group. Mr Taylor and Bronte arrived keen as mustard just after we set out from Blakeney and the walking stick was a great bonus and something that we felt we could share.IMG_7606

Morston was soon upon us where Mr Taylor was momentarily distracted by the thought of pea and mint soup before he headed off in the support vehicle to wait for us at Stiffkey where any of the injured could avail themselves of the Volvo. It was going to be a full car at this rate. By now I had loosened my laces and was, as Whitts said, hobbling. Still, no time to waste as the forecast was for rain and strong winds heading in after lunch. Mr Taylor galvanised us into speeding up by hiding in the long grass and ambushing us as we staggered into view. What larks.IMG_7624

The clouds were looming as we trudged the last mile into Wells and as our proposed rendezvous with my mum and dad was the car park on the beach we realised that we may have slightly miscalculated. Our happy reunion with Mr Taylor (who had been trying out the sausage rolls at the beach cafe) and my folks was consequently marred by driving rain and strong gusts of wind. By the time we reached our destination we were all walking at a jaunty angle. Walking being a very loose term.

IMG_7598As Whitts said: “God didn’t we have such a good time ? And aren’t we blessed with lovely friends ?” Couldn’t have put it better myself.





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