Planning for days 5/6/7 (Whitt)

This time it’s complicated. Two long days and one short one, guest walkers, dogs, grandparents looking after teenagers, transportation and overnights all needing to be juggled.

Feet are being prepared too. Phillips has been instructed to buy and break-in new shoes over the next month, and has promised to make the commitment. The fibromastosis and nerve ‘entrapment’ that have given me trouble over the last six months are being treated with massage and exercises and the podiatrist has given me permission to walk in sandals, although Phillips has drawn the line at socks and sandals. We’ll see.

Mertz put the fear into me with talk of coastal erosion and cliffs again, but then, just as he was drifting off to sleep he suddenly said “Actually that’s somewhere else altogether”. We will check with the locals first. This is the great thing about the first few days of the walk being near to home. Goodness knows how we will fare in Yorkshire or the Lake district, where the coastal path is not yet secure and we know no one.

Time to bring out the cashew nuts. Map





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