Detailed planning for days three and four

Senior Phillips was brought in for logistics:

Daddy Phillips has been looking at the map. 12 miles on from Lowestoft pier is almost directly behind Great Yarmouth race course – yikes. We could attempt to push on through to Caister where there’s a car park by the Life Boat Station, that would be 13ish miles rather than 12. Reckon we can do that don’t you ? Lunch could be interesting, reckon we’ll be at Hopton or Gorleston….
We’re back on the 24th so have a week to finalise all the madness then.
Lots of love,
Phillips x

Phillips had a lovely time in Paxos. There was a then a slight hiatus whilst we waited to see whether Mertz’s foot was broken or not, had it been broken we were looking at 6 weeks in plaster, which would have meant postponement but fortunately:

The diagnosis is a tendon tear, had it snapped altogether it could have been worse than a break. If the diagnosis is correct then the momentary swelling, heat etc. was from internal bleeding. Prognosis is good if he does as he is told, so he needs to be watched like a hawk: rest this week, short walks only with a bespoke support under his arch. Then if that helps he can go for longer walks next week when he is on holiday, and even play a bit of golf. He will be given exercises to stretch the tendon slowly. Cycling is encouraged.
He seems to have confidence in the clinic and the podiatrist, who specialises in sports injuries, so this means he will listen to him. Perhaps I could clone him and use him as a translator.
Then we got into planning proper after an impromptu beach picnic with Mrs. Taylor, who has decided to join us for day three and now we have a plan proper:
Mrs. Taylor
(although it nearly didn’t happen as the first email when awry)
I just sent this to myself. Idiot. x
Thank you for impromptu hosting of small swimming party yesterday. Your beach hut is a veritable treasure trove – what with Marvel, dog food and tiny drinks table I think you pretty much had it covered, thank you. Now, to be on the safe side I’m reckoning an hour and a quarter for me to reach Caister so shall I meet you there at 0830. 0900 departure from Lowey Pier with Mrs Taylor (and packed lunches on board ?). Maybe we  could garner day four lunch en route. Will remember to bring hair band, sunglasses and some sort of goose fat for my face this time.
Really looking forward to it,
Phillips x
IMG_3603 IMG_3617
Philiiiips! SO good to see you, that’s what beach huts are for. I suspect I should get a new tub of Marvel though, I think the sell by date was 2013, but as I haven’t heard that any of you were sick it might still be OK.

Having looked at the forecast it seems goose fat essential, full sun and wind in the morning, with rain possible by 4pm.
Now, here’s a new possible plan bearing Mrs Taylor in mind… would this mean more miles for you?
You drive to Lowie rather than Caister, Mertz drops me at Mrs Taylor’s and we drive to Lowie to meet you, here I’m assuming she’s getting a lift from Mr Taylor, but this is because they said they only had one car at the moment…
We walk to Caister where we have no car because we actually don’t need one here, and it means we aren’t doing the return journey for no reason.  I’m assuming Mr Taylor is expecting to pick Mrs Taylor up somewhere en route or there, is that so?
Wednesday we walk to Sea Palling where Mertz meets us en route, (BUT NOT VERY FAR) and we walk on together to his car (NOT THE OLD ALFA) and he drives us back to Lowie, where you pick up you car.

Just perusing the map. Do you think it would be better to start at Lowestoft Ness instead of the pier? It looks like there’s a car park there and I quite like the thought of starting at a landmark again, what do you reckon ? The only problem with no car at Caister is that we’ll have to carry our overnight stuff in our back packs which is not really ideal. Looks like the only really tricky bit is going to be navigating our way around Great Yarmouth…
Speak later,
Phillips x
Good point re overnight stuff. What are Mrs. Taylor’s plans?
At the moment she’s meeting us at Lowestoft Pier at 9 a.m., being dropped off and collected by Mr Taylor. Just think Lowestoft Ness might be a better starting/meeting point.
It’s a bit rough round there, factories etc, how about meeting where we actually finished…! There’s loads of parking there.
To be frank, the less we do around Lowestoft the better. Looks like there’s a car park further along North Beach and then we can just step on out up past Pleasurewood Hills and on up to Corton
OK, although the bit between Kirkley and the pier is probably the nicest bit of Lowie!

Lets meet here: The Lightouse Diner
I’ll plot the map on the Big Walk Map.
We are taking the Not Quite as Shit Alfa Romeo to the garage first thing tomorrow and Mertz now has an ankle brace thing as well and the insert for his shoe so is planning to meet us for part of Day 4 at Winterton for part of the walk, then drive up to Sea Palling or Happisburgh to meet us and bring us back to Caister. The foot is improving, but I’m hoping he won’t overdo it…  


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  1. Very excited about joining you both for the Lowe to Caister leg of your coastal journey tomorrow. Would it help to start from here and leave your car and Nick can drop overnight bags when he picks me up?



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