24 hours to go

This is the intention for Day one and is calculated upon the need to start gently, have emergency support if needed, be able to eat chips and drink cider and to end up in a warm bed: Map – Day one

Starting point – Thorpe Road car park

Finish point – Walberswick

Distance – 18.4km/11.4miles

Just received this:

Back in Norfolk and packing. Swung by supermarket on way home and purchased, 6 bottles of water, 2 bars of chocolate, 2 bottles of red wine and a large pack of plasters. What could possibly go wrong ?
See you bright and early in the morning.
Phillips x


  1. Why am I not surprised to read about you doing this walk!!! I wish I could join you, it sounds like a wonderful adventure. I’ll have to console myself with the thought that one day I might do just one tiny part of the PCT… in my dreams at least! Christine xxx



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