Up and running

To be fair there will be absolutely no running whatsoever on this adventure, but the title refers to technology. We had agreed that we’d post independently but as one of us has had a dead laptop I received this message:

Now back up and running although I suspect not for long. Message that came up on the screen basically said “Your hard drive is totally and utterly shot to pieces. Buy yourself a new laptop.” And I can’t log in.

So on her behalf:
March 10th : “Brand new (rigid) walking boots have arrived. Took Whitts’ advice to start breaking them in as soon as possible. Wearing pyjamas and walking boots when answered door to carpet fitter. Carpet fitter passed no comment.”
March 12th : “First proper walk in new boots. Trod in dog s**t.”
March 13th : “First blister.”
(there were no pictures of the blister provided)

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