It started like this

Hoy, hoy,

Right, it seems that we’ve got just over 5,500 miles ahead of us around the coast of Britain but bring it on…. Thinking that our inaugural walking weekend should be a very gentle introduction (followed by several more very gentle ones) so how about the new Sea Palling to Weybourne coastal path ? That will knock off a whole 23 miles from the grand total. Based on that walking rate we should be finished in the year 2235 so we may have to up the ante at some point but let’s not go berserk to begin with.

Was also thinking that we might be able to book ourselves in to the Hamiltons for B&B over night on the Saturday night, you never know we may be able to persuade them to join us. More the merrier I say (plus they’ll be able to help you carry me to the car at the end of the first day’s walking).

Let me know when you reckon would be good…..

Phillips x


Please forgive any typos as I am squished into a commuter train next to a fat man eating and belching grapes. The idea of walking the coast is keeping me sane, I wish my nostrils could be filled with the fresh air of the coast right now though. I hate the smell of commuters, cheap pastries and farts mostly.
This is jolly exciting and I will look at the walk when I get home, when are you thinking? Mertz and Barney have booked their slot and it can’t be the same weekend! Good idea about getting the Hamilton s involved, even if only as a r period party… X

We’ve just been staying with Janet down in Bath (she’s been walking the British Coast for years – literally) and she’s loaned us a book written by Jannina Tredwell who is, I suspect, of a certain age and walked the whole lot in a year and it’s rather brilliantly called ‘A bit far for you dear’. Perfect x


‘A bit far for you dear’ – shall henceforth be the subject heading for any emails upon the subject of our walk. Is this our plan: ?


Yep that’s the baby x

Controversial, but don’t you think it makes sense for us to start from here…? We literally walk out of the door and up to to Lowestoft, I have the Suffolk Coastal walk pack as we’ve done it a few times as far as Kessingland. It would also mean that we could have the aim of getting me home…! Let’s discuss on Rugby day and keep this email thread going, so as to have a record of decisions made etc.


Can you do Friday April 17th & Saturday April 18th for The Big Walk (T.B.W.) ? Just spoke to Mum and they can have the boys for a few days for me – get in. Just off to buy boots.

Phillips x